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PostSubject: Bloodlines   Fri Aug 10, 2007 10:20 am

Bloodline Limits are inherited traits, techniques or jutsu(s) passed down from generation to generation, usually by clan. There are few who have this special ability. Those who do are generally very talented and strong. Most people with a bloodline limit are considered geniuses because of what he or she can do. Bloodlines can increase physical strength, speed, endurance, or a type of combat.

The Byakugan
Byakugan The Byakugan is only used in the noble Hyuuga Clan. It is said that the Sharingan is descended directly from the Byakugan. The Byakugan allows the user to see the critical areas and where the chakra is stored in his/her opponent(s). Very rarely can a Byakugan user see the Tenketsu (Chakra holes) and neutralize them, literally stopping their chakra flow and eventually killing the opponent. Hyuuga Neji is one of the few who can do that. One direct hit with the Jyuuken style will completely stop chakra flow into the targeted hole. The Byakugan also allows the user to see almost 360 degrees or panoramic view seeing things from all direction. Around the 3rd vertebrate is the only area where there is a blind spot. There are four main users of this very dangerous bloodline and they are: Neji, Hinata, Hinabi, and Hiashi. There is much debate on which is stronger: the Byakugan or the Sharingan.

HyoutonAll users of this bloodline are dead so a specific name for this bloodline was never given. The last user of this bloodline was Haku, who was killed early in the series. Some of the special jutsus only performed by carriers of this trait were: Demonic Ice Mirrors and Flying Water Needles. It is believed that this bloodline originated in the Mist Village. Both of these techniques are composed of the element: water. The first technique, Demonic Ice Mirrors, is a move in which the user surrounds the opponent in mirrors made of ice and water. The user can then travel from mirror to mirror attacking the opponent in a way hard to defend. The second technique, Flying Water Needles, is basically what the name tells. The user releases sharp needles of ice at the opponent.

Ranmaru's Bloodline
Ranmaru's BloodlineRanmaru appears to be the only user of the bloodline that is alive. He has the ability to use his vision abilities to penetrate the walls of his small shack and view the outside world. This ability doesn't have the range of the Byakugan, but it can counter it. Ranmaru's vision allows him a greater ability to see one's life force, even beyond the Byakugan's. Ranmaru can also extend his chakra out in red dust-like particles to create phantoms and hide his own chakra presence. The phantoms appeared to have functionality only when used in conjunction with Raiga's Kirigakure technique. The spectral images could be granted life-like chakra flows to confuse both normal ninja and Neji's Byakugan.

The Sharingan
SharinganThe Sharingan is probably the most highly feared bloodline and is only available to the noble clan members of Uchiha. Almost all of the clan was wiped out by Uchiha Itachi. Only three carriers of this bloodline remain. These three people are: Uchiha Sasuke, his brother Uchiha Itachi, and Uchiha Sasuke's teacher, Hatake Kakashi. Kakashi is the only user who did not come from the Uchiha Clan. Kakashi only has the Sharingan in one eye and has used it to copy over 1000 techniques! The Sharingan is a special type of power inside the eyes. It is released through the pupils and requires a great amount of chakra and attention. The Sharingan allows the user to copy and see through all Ninjutsu (Ninja Techniques), Genjutsu (Illusionary Techniques), and Taijutsu (Hand to Hand combat). You can tell if someone is using the Sharingan by the color of the users' eye, which turns red with small black markings.

Shikotsu Myaku
Shikotsu MyakuThe Shikotsu Myaku is a bloodline from the Kaguya Clan. Kimimaro is the only member left in this clan, after their clan was wiped out. This special bloodline allows the user to alter his or her bone structure. This allows them to have sharp spikes that extend from their normal body structure. These bones are also extremely solid, almost as solid as steel.

Souma no Kou
Souma no KouThe Souma no Kou is a special bloodline limit that Sakon and Ukon have. This special bloodline allows them to break down their body's structure at the molecular level and fuse them with each other. Ukon has even more advanced abilities with this bloodline. He can break down his body and then fuse it with an oppoenent. Then inside the opponent he can destroy their cells and then use his own chakra to rebuild his original body.
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