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 Chuunin Axam

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PostSubject: Chuunin Axam   Fri Aug 10, 2007 10:22 am

The Chuunin exam is a test to determine which ninja is skilled enough to be ranked as a Chuunin. This event is held twice a year. The only basic requirement is that you have completed a minimum of 8 missions. This Chuunin exam is considered a substitute "war" between the villages to reminisce the wars between ninjas long ago. The Chuunin exam is basically a competition of all the rising ninjas within each village to show off each and everyone's skills and talents. The type of events for each exam varies depending on which village it's held in. In the Chuunin exam held in the Leaf Village, there are three main portions.

The Written Exam
The Written Exam This is the first part to the Chuunin exam. You have 1 hour to complete a 10 question test. The first 9 questions are given while the last one is hidden. The 10th question is not revealed until there is 15 minutes left in the test. You start out with 10 points. For each question you get wrong you lose a point. The maximum score you can get is 10. You lose points if you are caught cheating. Your overall score is averaged between your group members. Each group consists of three ninjas.

The Forest of Death
The Forest of DeathIn this portion of the exam you start out with a scroll. It is either the Earth or Heaven scroll. The objective of this mission is to collect the other scroll and find your way to the tower. You must collect the other scroll by defeating and taking it away form another team. No one knows which team has which scroll nor who is keeping it. The only possible way to cheat in this test is to open the scroll before you are suppose to. If you do this then you will be stunned by a spell in the scroll. If one of your team members die, then your whole team loses.

The Preliminaries/The Tournament
The TournamentThe preliminaries is basically the early rounds of the tournament to keep the amount of contestants low. Contestants are randomly chosen to fight one another until around half of them are out. The main tournament is just the same as the preliminaries except the competition is much tougher. Every ninja is randomly selected to fight another ninja. The victor will advance to the next round until there is one person left. Ultimately, the Jounins chose the Chunnin based on how they have performed.
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Chuunin Axam
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