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PostSubject: Countrys   Fri Aug 10, 2007 10:24 am

In the series of Naruto there are 10 countries. Every country has their own hidden village. Below you can find a map of each country, as well as information such as which village belongs to them.

Every country is named or associated with a certain type of element. Fighters who come from one of those countries usually have special techniques that have to do with their respected element. In the series of Naruto, only 4 main countries are really recognized. These countries are: Fire, Water, Sound, and Earth.

Countries and Villages

* The Earth Country - Hidden Village of Rock
* The Fire Country - Hidden Village of Leaf
* The Grass Country - Hidden Village of Grass
* The Lightning Country - Hidden Village of Cloud
* The Rain Country - Hidden Village of Rain
* The Sound (Rice) Country - Hidden Village of Sound
* The Wave Country - Hidden Village of Wave
* The Water Country - Hidden Village of Mist
* The Waterfall Country - Hidden Village of Waterfall
* The Wind Country - Hidden Village of Sand

Five Main Villages
The five main villages are the Leaf Village, Sand Village, Water Village, Lightning Vilage, and Earth Village. Each of the 5 main villages has a Kage. A Kage is like a governor; he/she runs their village. There are a total of 5 Kages. The Kage is usually the strongest person in the village. Each Kage is chosen by it's villagers to rule and command it's army of ninjas and regulate the village. Kages manage most of important issues that relate to the village such as money and anything else a normal governor would do. They are public icons and are usually in public events held within the village. Kages are the people assigned to Rank A missions. Below is a list of the names of each Kage and what village they govern.

Hokage is the name of the Kage of the Leaf Village. Hokage translates to: Fire Shadow

Kazekage is the name of the Kage of the Sand Village. Kazekage translates to: Wind Shadow

Raikage is the Kage of the Lightning Village. Raikage translates to: Lightning Shadow

Mizukage is the Kage of the Water Village. Mizukage translates to Water Shadow

Tsuchikage is the Kage of the Earth Village. Tsuchikage translates to Earth Shadow.
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