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PostSubject: Demons   Fri Aug 10, 2007 10:26 am

n Naruto, there are 9 demons known as Bijuus. Bijuus are beasts of immense power, practically over-flowing with Chakra. Each Bijuu is identified by its number of tails. So far we have seen 3 Bijuus: Kyuubi, the 9-tailed fox, Shukaku, the 1-tailed raccoon-dog, and most recently, Nibi, the 2-tailed cat. The Jinchuuriki are the hosts of these beasts. Jinchuuriki are needed because the only way to defeat the Bijuu is to seal them within a newborn baby.

Shukaku (1 tail)
Shukaku Shukaku is a 1-tailed raccoon-dog. Shukaku has had 2 hosts, with Gaara being the most eminent. The Shukaku was merged into Gaara when he was born. It is able to manipulate the special sand within Gaara's gourd without Gaara needing to control it. The sand can block all incoming attacks that it can react to. The sand can also be controlled by Gaara to form a shell around him or to attack. Shukaku seems to want blood and demands that Gaara kill for sustenance. Gaara believes Shukaku's spirit to be his mother's. A side-effect of having Shukaku within him Gaara is not allowed to sleep; if he does Shukaku will take over him and reform itself out of sand around Gaara as seen during the invasion of Konoha at the end of the Chuunin exams. Much like Naruto the citizens of the Sand Village ignore and try to avoid Gaara, mostly out of fear. Later on, the Shukaku is extracted from Gaara resulting in his death. However, a combination of Chiyo's jutsu and Naruto's chakra brought him back to life. The Shukaku is currently in the hands of the Akatsuki.

Nibi (2 tail)
NibiNibi is a 2-tailed cat with fire breathing powers. Nibi's Jinchuuriki is a girl named Yugito from the Village of Cloud. She is the second strongest ninja in her village and she has the ability to transform completely into the two tailed demon cat almost at will. The demon cat can shoot fireballs from her mouth at her opponent. Yugito seems to be like what Gaara was to the Sand Village, the trump card of the Hidden Cloud. Unlike Gaara and Naruto, she doesn't seem to have problem with people around her. This hints that the demon in her isn't hated by everyone and she is viewed by others how the Hokage wants everyone to view Naruto. Yugito gets captured by the Akatsuki, just like Gaara, so they can extract the Bijuu out of her.
Sanbi (3 tail)
SanbiThe three-tailed beast is a gigantic, turtle-like demon. The abilities of this creature, at the moment, are unknown. Sanbi is extremely large and also has great speed. What makes the Sanbi unique from the other demons, is that it does not have a host and it doesn't seem to have any sign of intelligence. According to Deidara of Akatsuki, not having a host makes it weaker because it isn't intelligent enough to control its own strength.
Yonbi (4 tail)
YonbiOther than the fact that this demon has four tails, nothing much else is known, not even what animal it is. The host of this demon was an elderly man. He can be recognized by dark marks under his eyes, most likely from the demon. This man uses many elemental fusion techniques when battling, which could be some of the powers from the demon. This 4-tailed creature was captured by the Akatsuki after Kisame killed its host.
Kyuubi (9 tails)
KyuubiKyuubi is the 9-tailed fox sealed within Naruto. This Bijuu attacked the village of Konoha 12 years nearly destroying the village and all its inhabitants. The 4th Hokage sacrificed himself, using a technique known only to him and the 3rd Hokage, and sealed Kyuubi in an infant named: Naruto. Because of the Kyuubi, the villagers ignored Naruto and viewed him as a nuisance leaving him sad and alone. The power of the Kyuubi is so great that when Naruto is cut or wounded Chakra leaks from the wound and heals it almost instantly. Naruto is able tap into Kyuubi's power by begging it to let him borrow Chakra. When Naruto becomes enraged the Kyuubi takes over his body and forms a Kyuubi-shaped shell of red Chakra around Naruto.
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