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PostSubject: Rules   Thu Aug 09, 2007 5:33 pm

If you have read the terms and agreements you will be fine.

follow these rules:

These rules are subject to change whenever I see fit.[/b][/u]

If you have any questions about any of the rules listed here, feel free to post up a topic in the Help Center of the forum. You may also send me a PM.

Swearing - We offer you some flexibility here, but don't push it. The popular S and F words are allowed, and not much else. Use your own judgement as to what's appropriate, and try to keep it to a minimum. We may in the future incorporate a censor if it becomes a problem, and if we do, you're expected to not dodge the censor.

Sexual harassment - Is forbidden.

Trolling - Is forbidden.

Flaming - Make an effort to be kind to your fellow members, and if you have a real problem with someone, try to settle it in PMs and don't take an innocent thread hostage over it. I realize this one can be difficult to follow sometimes, so if a confrontation is getting out of hand in a thread, an Administrator or Moderator will step in and tell you to take it to PMs. If you can't settle this by any of the listed methods, there will be hell to pay. I also don't want to see anybody flame administrators or users from other sites. If I see any of that, there will be SEVERE consequences.

New members - We like new people here; they keep the place fresh and interesting. Give newcomers the same respect you (hopefully) were given when you joined.

Warning System - The warning system is a system we use so that, at a glance, a user can tell a good, contributing member from someone who might need to change their act. Abuse of the warning system is very much frowned upon.

Advertisement - Please keep advertisement of your site to your signature.

Signatures - Keep signatures reasonably sized. Keep your sig to the neighborhood of 250 pixels total height and 550 pixels total length. There's a bit a wiggle-room here, but we'll tell you and/or edit your signature if it's too large.

No porn - That's a pretty obvious one, but no list of rules is complete without it.

Double accounts - Are not allowed.

Repeat topics - I don't want to see them. Only make a topic if you don't see one like it, and put the topic in the appropriate place in the forum.

Double posting - Don't post twice in a row in a thread unless it makes sense to do so. For example, you're making some sort of big thread or list or what have you, full of content, and you go over the character limit. You may then double-post.

If you break a rule, or do something unacceptable not listed in here, you'll be warned or in extreme cases be suspended or banned immediately without warning. Warnings come in the form of your warning percentage, displayed below your username if it's 1 box or above, being raised. The warning scale goes from 0 [0%] to 5 [100%]. How much your warning level is raised is based on how severe the offense is or other circumstances, decided by an Admin. If it reaches 5 [100%], you will be banned from the site. If an Admin decides that a member with a warning level is exhibiting good behavior, he or she can chose to lower that member's warning level. Abusing this by continually alternating between being bad and good or by other means will get you suspended or banned.

I think that just about settles it, but again, the rules are subject to change. Don't worry, I wont change the rules drastically. It will only happen if a major problem occurs.

SUMMARY : Just use common sense when you're in the forum, and there wont be any problems, okay?
Rules Courtesy of 4nim3 H34v3n

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PostSubject: Re: Rules   Sat Aug 11, 2007 1:06 am

I think the rules could be more detailed.

You should probably use these rules instead

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