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 Fighting Styles

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PostSubject: Fighting Styles   Fri Aug 10, 2007 10:29 am

Hatake Kakashi's Team
Uzumaki Naruto - Naruto does not use a favorite fighting style, though he leans toward Ninjutsu. His Taijutsu move is his Uzumaki Naruto Combo (a combination Kage Bunshin and a copy of renge). Also when Naruto is in predicaments, he likes to use the Kuchiyose No Jutsu (Summoning technique). It allows him to summon a huge frog for his aid. Usually he just uses a lot of combos with his Kage Bunshin (Shadow Replication), which is his most used technique. Naruto was also uses a very powerful attack called the Rasengan. After the time skip, Naruto's fighting style does not change by much. He is able to control is chakra better and also use the Rasengan attack. He relies heavily on the Kyuubi chakra inside of him and as a side effect, he begins to lose control after the third tail is released. Naruto also created a new augmentation to the Rasengan which is more power than the original.

Uchiha Sasuke - He is the Genin Leader of this group and the genius that has the blood of the famous Uchiha clan. He uses his Sharingan to copy any move used against him. This gives him various fighting styles. He favors Ninjutsu over the others, though he has great Taijutsu skills like Rock Lee. Under the teaching of Orochimaru, Sasuke increases his speed and power. He also learns new attacks such as the Chidori Nagashi.

Haruno Sakura - She has great chakra control so she can deal a fair amount of damage to the opponent by transferring chakra to her hand. She is a Genjutsu expert and can see through almost all Genjutsu techniques. Despite her capabilities, she is thought of as the weakest of her team. Sakura spends a lot of time with Tsunade to become a powerful medical ninja. She has the ability to use her full power of her hands because she wears a special type of glove that helps her control the power.

Maito Gai's Team
Hyuuga Neji - A genius of the branch family of the Hyuuga Clan. He uses the Jyuuken fighting style, which is the strongest Taijutsu in all of Konoha. One of his strongest Taijutsu attacks is the Divination Field, which delivers 64 consecutive strikes to his opponent. Neji also uses his Byakugan to detect the chakra points of his opponents so he knows the areas to attack. Later on, Neji increases his control over chakra so he is able to launch it from an even longer distance. He also makes some variations to his fighting style.

Rock Lee - Since he can't do any Ninjutsu or Genjutsu techniques, Rock Lee uses Taijutsu to fight. Rock Lee favors to use the Renge style when in battle. Usually Rock Lee tries to beat his opponents from his speed and quickness advantages. After the time skip, Rock Lee, with training from Gai, is able to open more gates and also hit with more force.

Tenten - She is one of the best female Genin. She can hit a target in the same place a hundred times. She specializes in weapons and has a Ninjutsu attack called Rising Twin Dragons that launches an array of attacks at her enemies. She is a strong competitor for the 2nd strongest female Genin in Konoha. Tenten later on learns to summon many more weapons at once.

Yuuhi Kurenai's Team
Aburame Shino - He is the genius of the Aburame clan, which use Kikai bugs as deadly weapons. He lets the bugs feed on his chakra and then orders them to fight using his mind. The bugs then suck up an opponent's chakra, making sure the opponent can never fight again. Sometimes if the opponent refuses to give up the bugs will kill the opponent.

Hyuuga Hinata - She is also of the Hyuuga Clan, but she is from the more elevated class - the Head Family. Hinata can use the Byakugan and fights in the same Jyuuken style as Neji, but much weaker. Hinata likes to follow Naruto's fighting style and she earns a lot from his style of fighting.

Inuzuka Kiba - He smells like a dog, looks like a dog, and acts like one. Guess what? He also fights like a dog. But that doesn't mean he isn't strong. His drawbacks are that he is too bossy and impatient. He packs power when he uses his Gujyuu Ninpou Shijayaju no Jutsu (Beast Mimicry Technique) and his combo with Akamaru using food pills, which double their chakra for a while and use an attack called Gatsuuga, or Double Fang Destroyer! Kiba also rides on Akamaru to travel to places now that the dog has grown up.

Sarutobi Asuma's Team
Yamanaka Ino - She is the strongest female ninja in Konoha. Her technique, Shinteshin No Jutsu (Mind Stealing Technique) has been past down in her family from generation to generation. Using it, she becomes a worthy opponent to watch out for in battle.

Nara Shikamaru - He knows only one technique but its a good one. Ninpou, Kage Mane no Jutsu! (Ninja Technique, Shadow Mimicry). His whole clan specializes in these techniques which have been past down from generation to generation. It allows him to make his opponent imitate him. He has an IQ of over 200 that allows him to think at a lightning fast speed and use the surrounding landscape to his advantage.

Akimichi Choji - He likes eating and is fat, so this why Baika No Jutsu (Double Weight Technique) and "Meat Tank" is perfect for him. It allows him to turn into a huge ball and smash his opponents! Choji's technique has been passed down by his clan, which specializes in size changing techniques and special food pills.
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Fighting Styles
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