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PostSubject: Charecters   Fri Aug 10, 2007 10:05 am

Main Characters
Haruno Sakura - The female of the team, Sakura always tries to get Sasuke to notice her. Her ultimate rival for Sasuke is Yamanaka Ino. She is considered weak in Ninjutsu but has very good Genjutsu perception and chakra control.

Uchiha Sasuke - One of the main rivals of Naruto, Se is the lone survivor of the Uchiha clan. He is a loner who keeps to himself even though he gets all the attention from the girls in the Academy. Sasuke has no time to trouble himself with such matters because he has sworn to avenge the brutal murders of his clan. He has the Sharingan, a special trait of the Uchiha clan, which allows him to copy and use other ninjas' Ninjutsu, Genjutsu and sometimes even Taijutsu.

Uzumaki Naruto - He is the main character of the story. A long time ago a demon fox was sealed inside of him to protect the Village of Konoha. He uses the demon's power to help him fight his opponents. Naruto was treated as an outcast throughout his childhood. He is outgoing and a bit foolish especially around hot girls. Nevertheless he is totally devoted to protecting his friends and people important to him.

Ebisu - Ebisu is a Jounin who trains Hokage hopefuls. He is sometimes called "The Closet Pervert." Hatake Kakashi - The Jounin in charge of Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura, he was Leaf Village's only Sharingan user before Sasuke. He is not related to the Uchiha Clan and got his Sharingan surgically. He is sometimes called "Copy Ninja" Kakashi because he has copied over 1000 jutsus.

Jiraiya - Jiraiya is one of the three Legendary Sennin who was taught by the Sandaime. He is a skilled ninja who likes to summon frogs. He is trains Naruto because "supposedly" he is Yondaime's (the Fourth's) son. He has a weak spot for hot girls and likes to peek around to get "inspiration" for his books. Don't let this fool you; Jiraiya has strength more powerful than most can imagine. Even Itachi fears him.

Maito Gai - Kakashi's eternal rival, he and Kakashi have fought 99 times. Currently Gai is up by one, the record is 49 to 50. Gai specializes in very strong Taijutsu. But don't take his weird appearance lightly, he is one of the strongest Jounin of Konoha. He is most likely stronger than Kakashi. Gai is the Jounin in charge of Lee, Neji and Tenten.

Sarutobi Asuma - Asuma is the only Jounin who smokes. He is a pretty strong Jounin, even though he doesn't compare to Gai or Kakashi. He is the Jounin leader of Ino, Shikamaru, and Choji.

Yuuhi Kurenai - She is a rookie Jounin. Nevertheless, she is skilled in Genjutsu attacks. Kurenai is the Jounin in charge of Shino, Kiba and Hinata.

Journey to the Wave Country
Demon Brothers - They are Chuunin class ninjas who were sent by Gatou to assassinate Tazuna. They are not top class Chuunin since Sasuke, who is a Genin, easily stops them. They have poison in and on their claws. Kakashi eventually kills them. They die after Kakashi strangles them both simultaneously.

Gatou - He is a wealthy businessman who has cronies to do his bidding. He is very evil and kills all who stands in his way. Gatou dies by Zabuza's hand, who stabs him, leading ho his falling off a bridge.

Haku - He is Zabuza's young protege with very special abilities. This young boy (approximately 16) has an advanced bloodline that allows him to perform many special techniques. Zabuza found him when his father killed his mother and almost killed him. He managed to escape and was found by Zabuza on a bridge while he was looking for food. Zabuza has taught and trained him well. to know many techniques. Haku was killed by protecting Zabuza from Kakashi's "Lighting Edge."

Inari - He is the son of Tsunami. Kaiza is his stepfather. Ever since his stepfather died at the hands of Gatou, he has been down and depressed, accepting his fate and never fighting back. Naruto shows him that there is something worth fighting for. After that, Inari becomes a changed person.

Kaiza - The "Hero" of the Wave Country, Kaiza came to the land to make a living and eventually married and settled down. He was killed because he stood up and opposed Gatou.

Momochi Zabuza - He is a Missing-Nin that was part of an assassination squad in the Mist Village. Zabuza is a specialist in silent killing and water jutsus. He has a young protege with an advanced bloodline named Haku. Sorely wounded by Kakashi, Zabuza uses what strength left in him to kill Gatou, while having a bunch of weapons thrust into him by Gatou's cronies. He dies after being stuck in the back by various weapons.

Tazumo - He is a master bridge builder who seeks help to protect himself in the Wave Country from a dangerous businessman named Gatou.

Tsunami - Daughter of Tazumo and wife of Kaiza, she is Inari's mother.

The Chuunin Exam
Aburame Shino - He is the genius of the Aburame clan - which uses bugs as deadly weapons. He is a very quiet person who keeps to himself and doesn't talk often. Shino is tremendously strong and if his bugs get a hold of you, they may kill you.

Akimichi Choji - This Shinobi's clan specializes in jutsus that make you larger. Choji is fat and likes to eat. He especially likes to eat BBQ. His Baika No Jutsu (Double Weight Technique) is a force not to be reckoned with!

Baki - He is Gaara, Temari, and Kakuro's teacher. Baki is a highly skilled Jounin specializing in sand attacks.

Dosu - Dosu is the strongest in the 3 man group. He uses sound as a weapon that comes out of his arms. He is the only one in the group to win in the Preliminaries. Eventually, he foolishly challenges Gaara to a battle on the roof and dies as a result.

Gaara - He has a bloodthirsty nature, believing that he exists only to kill people. The Kazekage made him the Sand's ultimate weapon. He has known no love, no compassion; his own guardian tried to assassinate him when he was six. Tormented about his existence, he finds solace in killing people. Gaara has a peculiar "kanji" or Japanese/Chinese symbol on his head signifying love. It's a pun of his name, which means death in Japanese. So his name translates literally as "I love death."

Hyuuga Hinata - She is a member of the Head family branch of the Hyuuga Clan. She is very shy and afraid to fight, but she is strong when she does. Hinata has a crush on Naruto, who is too thick-headed to notice. She tries her hardest to change herself. Like Neji, she uses the Byakugan but to a lesser degree of skill.

Hyuuga Neji - The genius from the branch family of the Hyuuga Clan, he has the most talent and ability of the entire clan. But he has a very depressing way of thinking: that you can't change your life or your fate and that your doomed forever in the state you are at now. He inherited the Byakugan from his clan. The Byakugan allows him to have a view of nearly 360 degrees and he detects enemy attacks with it.

Inuzuka Kiba - He smells like a dog, looks like a dog, and acts like one. Kiba also brawls like a dog. But that doesn't mean he isn't strong. His drawbacks are that he is too bossy and impatient, but he packs a ton of power. Sometimes he is so arrogant and overconfident that his teammates hate him! His clan specializes in training dogs to fight.

Kankuro - He is Gaara's older brother. Kankuro has peculiar purple marking on his face. The face paint is in the style of Kabuki. (Kabuki: An old style of Japanese play where the actors say not a word but they use dance, music, and craft to perform.) The masks have thick lines of color, highlighting the eyes, around the cheekbones and across the jaw line. This helps to emphasize the emotional responsiveness of the character (often anger). When a Kabuki mask is colored purple it means: sublimity, nobility, and loftiness. Kankuro has a marionette that he uses to battle with, called Karasu. He hates midgets. Kankuro is quite strong, but he is afraid of offending Gaara, as he would kill him.

Kin - How she came to Orochimaru is still a mystery to all, but Kin uses senbons with bells to screw and disrupt the mind. Kin gets beaten by Shikamaru and is also eventually sacrificed to bring back the 2nd Hokage.

Orochimaru - One of the Legendary Sennin, Orochimaru was trained by the Third Hokage. He then turned evil because he wanted power. Orochimaru can summon snakes and seems to be immortal. When he bites someone he gives the person a cursed seal that sucks chakra out of him or her. Whoever is bitten has a 90% chance of dying. He impersonates the Kazekage in order to destroy Konoha. Orochimaru has a personal grudge against Konoha. He is classified as an S Class Criminal.

Nara Shikamaru - He is the sort of person that would rather sleep than work. However, once Shikamaru promises something, he won't let you down. Shikamaru is extremely smart and has an IQ of over 200! He likes to play shogi (Japanese Chess) and is a brilliant strategist. His whole clan specializes in Shadow techniques.

Rock Lee - He is a ninja with no talent whatsoever for Ninjutsu or Genjutsu. Because of this, he has to rely on his Taijutsu. Rock Lee is very fast and his Taijutsu is very strong. His rival Neji believes that fate has decided your path. In his philosophy, if you are a dropout, you will stay a dropout. Rock Lee works very hard to try and defeat Neji.

Temari - She is Gaara's older sister. Temari is considered attractive by some. She uses a fan to immobilize weapons and to blow them away. Temari is a pretty smart strategist and is one of the top female Genins.

Tenten - She is A\a strong female Shinobi who specializes with weapons. Tenten is attracted to Neji and likes to be around him. She is decent in battle, but once her weapons are nullified she's as good as dead.

Yamanaka Ino - The rival of Sakura for Sasuke, she and Sakura have been fighting over Sasuke since the Academy days. Her whole clan specializes in mind confusing and stealing jutsus. She is the strongest female Genin.

Zaku - Recruited by Orochimaru as a kid, Zaku has holes in his arms that shoot out chakra in the form of air and sound at amazing power. He gets crippled by Shino in the preliminary rounds and eventually is sacrificed by Orochimaru to bring back the 1st Hokage.

The Chuunin Exam Finals
Enma (The Monkey King) - Enma was taken from Chinese Lore, pronounced (Sun Wu Kong) in Chinese. He is summoned by the Third and fights Orochimaru with him.

Gemma - He is the exam official who is supposedly very strong. Nothing really happens with him and he doesn't fight Baki.

Hoshigaki Kisame - A missing Nin of the Village of Mist. Kisame is wanted in various countries including the Water Country. He is one of Seven Shinobi-gatana of the Mist and is a S-Ranked Ninja like Itachi. He wields a big blade called Samehada that shaves instead of cutting like a normal knife. The other ability of the knife is to suck up enemy chakra.

Nidaime (controlled) - He is the 2nd Hokage. Orochimaru performed a forbidden jutsu and brought him back to life. He specializes in water jutsus. He "dies" again after the 3rd sealed him.

Sandaime (The Third Hokage) - He faces off with Orochimaru and eventually dies while fighting him. The battle is long and intense. It ends with some amazing jutsus and Orochimaru getting his hands sealed.

Shodai (controlled) - He was the 1st Hokage of Konoha. Orochimaru performed a forbidden jutsu and brought him back to life. The 1st has an amazing jutsu that allows him to make trees rise and seize his enemies. He "dies" again after the 3rd sealed him.

The Sound Five - Orochimaru's henchmen are minions who follow Orochimaru's command. Originally there were four members but one was added on later on. Each of the members has a Cursed Seal that can go up to level two. Orochimaru has sent them to kidnap Sasuke. Their names are Sakon, Ukon, Tayuya, Kidoumaru and Jiroubou.

Uchiha Itachi - He is the famous slayer of the Uchiha clan, whom Sasuke has vowed to kill. He is way past Jounin level and easily takes out Kakashi, Kurenai and Asuma. As part of the Akatsuki, he has come to kidnap Naruto to extract the Kyubi's Chakra .

Season 3
Kabuto - One of Orochimaru's primary henchmen, he doesn't appear to be a villain until later on. He ends up being a spy. Kabuto unleashes a hidden talent unknown for a "Genin." He is clearly more skilled and dangerous than meets the eye. He specializes in medical jutsus and acupuncture pressure points that immobilize his opponents.

Shizune - Shizune is Tsunade's protege and, in a way, is Kabuto's rival. She looks after Tsunade and is sort of her conscience. She uses senbon needles as her art of attacking similar to Tsunade using dangerous and deadly medical jutsus.

Tsunade - The successor to the Third Hokage, she is one of the legendary "Sennin" in the legends of Konoha. Tsunade dislikes aging and does everything possible to stop it, even changing her appearance to that of a 20 year old to look younger and more attractive. On a side note, she has very large breasts, which have nothing to do with her jutsu enhancement. She was once called "flat chested bitch by Jiraiya. Incredibly, they helped her in a battle with Orochimaru's protege Kabuto. She specializes in medicinal and healing jutsus and has tremendous strength and power. With one blow of her fist she can bust boulders. Since the Third was assassinated, she tries her best to fill his role, despite her constant gambling, drinking and slacking off.
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